About Custom Courier Delivery Services

About Us

Custom Courier opened its doors in 1995 in Shirley, MA. During this period, the housing boom was in full swing and many real estate attorneys had a real need to get closing documents to the different Registry of Deeds in a reliable, prompt and affordable manner. Custom Courier addressed those needs. We were one of the first couriers to utilize (what was at the time, new technology) Nextel hand sets. When we would pick up documents, there were times there would be three different documents going to three different locations, and had to be there now. We would use the Nextel to contact drivers to meet somewhere along route 2 or 495, and get everything where it had to be, when it had to be there. This left our clients believing we were truly ubiquitous.

Although that was more than a decade ago, our willingness to embrace new technology and ideas did not stop there. Today we have branched out, and yes we still deliver a great number of documents, our client list has grown over the years to include, Marriott Distribution Services, Cains Foods, Dover Saddlery, Flextronics, Parexel International, Acton Medical, International Rectifier and many more.

Our vehicles range in size from a small fuel efficient Scion xb, for envelopes and packages, to an F-250 pickup with a cap for small freight.

Custom Courier understands the need today’s business have for prompt worry free affordable delivery, if we don’t keep you going, you can’t keep us going, and we go above and beyond (talk to our clients) you will hear testimony after testimony of how we tried to make a delivery and for one reason or another it would not be accepted. We didn’t just say oh well, we’ll have to return it to the client. We call our client and work with you until we resolve the problem, saving you time and money.

The area most of our deliveries originate can be sparse and difficult for some couriers to operate efficiently. We pride ourselves in covering this area better than anyone else.

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