Custom Courier Delivery Services

Our Courier and Delivery Services

Need efficient door-to-door service to make absolutely sure your deliveries reach their destination on time?

Custom Courier provides:

  • courier, delivery and priority messenger services
  • same day delivery for you envelopes, small packages and small freight

Custom Courier is well-known for its punctuality and total customer satisfaction.

Our speedy and reliable delivery service for all of New England helps small companies as well as large corporations conduct business in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Scheduled delivery Service, our customers get daily pick-ups for their many types of repetitive deliveries. Whether it’s bank deposits, medical documents, interoffice deliveries or more, Custom Courier is ready for you when you need us.

Custom Courier always strives to exceed your expectations.


For Attorneys needing to file an LLC, Corporation or simply need a certificate of good standing? Custom Courier can take the hassle out of it for you; many times for no additional filing fee. Call for quotes. 

  • Computer Files
  • Documents
  • Expediting
  • Fragile Articles
  • Ground Services
  • Ground Transportation
  • Legal Materials
  • Letters
  • Medical Materials
  • Packages
  • Point-to-Point Delivery
  • Priority Service
  • Computer Files

Law offices looking to get your closing package to your title examiner fast? Reliability is the single biggest reason so many Law Offices use Custom Courier. It doesn’t matter if your package is going to the Suffolk Registry, Worcester or any of the Registry of Deeds throughout New England, Custom Courier’s reputation for reliability has been the choice of Law firms in this area since 1995.



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